Our Vision:

Relevant Christian Education
As a ministry leadership training program, ACU has a special call to prepare its learners to engage the modern culture with spiritual authority and practical relevance with God’s grace, love and power. ACU integrates its programs with the highest educational standards based on God’s Word.

We at ACU believe that Christians should have a reason for the hope that is within them. We believe that hope is grounded in the most profound truths of all time. We further believe that Spirit-empowered and relevant-thinking Christians will be most effective in ministry, in service, and in vocations that serve the Lord.ย  As an Ames Christian University learner, expect to be challenged spiritually and intellectually by an exciting, relevant curriculum, by high standards of accomplishment, and by excellent faculty members.

* ACU is currently an online only program. We do not have a physical campus. Our administrative offices are located in Florida.

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Our purpose is to provide Christ-centered degree programs that prepare learners to work effectively in religious vocations such as ministry, education, media communications, and administration. Our method is to provide high quality, challenging programs at a reasonable cost. We offer a Bachelors and Masters degrees in a variety of fields.

We believe our degree programs honor the word of God as the final, objective, and universal source of truth, and provide a well-rounded education for life and work.

Each of our programs is designed around the highest standards of higher education and is tailored for an interactive learning experience. As you look through our catalog, several items will help you better understand AMES Christian:

Our Statement of Doctrine:ย Please take a few moments to review our core beliefs, as these inform everything we do. We hold firmly to the Statement of Doctrine, attest to the truths contained in it, and affirm every Christianโ€™s privilege to evaluate our beliefs in the light of the Holy Scriptures.

Our educational approach:ย The AMES Christian University curriculum is informed by a set of concepts we call โ€œThe Great Ideas.โ€ We believe that great ideas are timeless treasures, gifts, literally, from God that are to be studied and comprehended in every generation and in every discipline. The โ€œGreat Ideasโ€ curriculum model results in a rigorous, challenging experience involving the discovery of Godโ€™s truth.

Our delivery system:ย All AMES Christian University courses are offered via the Web.

Our Faculty members:ย AMES Christian University Faculty members share three crucial characteristics: They are completely committed to the cause of Christ; they are focused on applying the Word of God to contemporary realities; and they are excellent educators. They are appropriately academically prepared, subject matter experts who are also well trained in the education environment, either in class or online.

As an institution designed to prepare learners to place Christ at the center of their vocations and their lives, AMES Christian University offers programming that feeds the soul and prepares the mind. We have purposefully designed AMES Christianโ€™s programming to prepare learners to serve the Body of Christ and to stand out in the reality of daily living.