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Since the birth of  AMES Bible College now AMES International School Of Ministry (AISOM) in September of 2003, the school of ministry has grown to over 75,000+ students worldwide from 183 nations. Ninety percent of these students are enrolled in our Free Program and are enjoying the benefits of a wealth of indepth biblical foundational teaching that is enabling them to skillfully evangelize their world for Christ in a minimal amount of time. Many are already pastors who live in remote areas where there is not local bible college and they desperately desire to be trained for the ministry they are called to. Obviously there is a great demand for this and we are privileged to provide this vital mission training by faith as a missionary endeavor trusting in the Lord to provide this through the body of Christ. With college costs rising even our courses at ACU are hundreds of dollars less than most schools as we are more about training ministers for the kingdom of God than making alot of money.
With catastrophic events escalating around the world, many are challenged within themselves and are seeking answers to find out why such things are taking place. We have even heard the reports that many are questioning their own “religions”. 
Our curriculum provides answers. 
Our curriculum provides spiritual help and counsel. 
Our curriculum brings truth and real and lasting peace and comfort.
Our curriculum will lead you into the knowledge of Jesus Christ and teach you how to share His love with   others. It’s a big task dealing with more than 64,000 students with 475+ new students enrolling each month. It’s a big responsibility God has given us as so many need their minds renewed to the word of God to have any victory in their lives.  With that in mind, would you consider partnering with us if the Lord impresses upon your heart to support us in this matter? If you have any questions regarding donating to us you can call us at 1800-899-9620 Ext 1
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