Enrollment Agreement


AMES Christian University (ACU) Student Enrollment Agreement

 Section I: Introduction

This agreement is made by and between Ames Christian University (ACU), located at 6900 Daniels Parkway, Suite 29-225, Fort Myers, FL  33912, USA, and all prospective Learners.  It outlines the terms and conditions for student enrollment at Ames Christian University.

Section II: Purpose

The Learner enters into this agreement for the purpose of undertaking education in the pursuit of the degree for which she or he as made an application for admission to ACU.

ACU enters into this agreement for the purpose of providing the materials, instruction, and guidance to deliver the educational value of the degree for which the Learner has applied.

Section III: Terms of Enrollment

ACU and the Learner agree to be bound by terms, policies, and procedures as outlined in the ACU catalog, policy manuals, and other such documents as may apply.

This agreement binds ACU and the Learner to the terms and conditions in force as of the day of your enrollment.  Such terms and conditions may be altered only by mutual consent.

A.  Designation of Programs and Courses.

The Learner will become enrolled in ACU and will gain access to ACU’s programming and resources.  The Learner will be considered a candidate for the degree for which she or he has applied to ACU.  The Learner agrees to participate with ACU in the development of an official Degree Completion Plan.

Courses offered under this Agreement shall include those for which credit may be applied toward the degree for which the Learner is enrolled in ACU.

ACU agrees, upon fulfillment of the Degree Completion Plan, to award the degree for which the Learner applied..

B.  Learner Access to Ames Christian University Systems

The Learner agrees to provide ACU with a unique user identification (ID) which will then be provided on the Student Enrollment Agreement for our records.  This ID will then be used each time a Learner registers for a course according to the Learner’s Degree Completion Plan after payment has been made.  It can be a number or word, less than 10 letters.  This provides positive student identification to ACU making the courses available to the Learner and allows the Learner to receive the courses from the course delivery system.  It is the equivalent of a legal signature and creates the same obligations for the Learner.

Learner will be responsible for any and all future registrations, commitments and content generated via email and is expected to submit all such contents with the learner ID.  Learners are responsible for requesting each course at the end of each 90-day period.

All transactions on the ACU Website and systems constitute official records recognized by the institution.  All appeal decisions related to policy or procedure will be based on the Website and system transaction records.

Section IV: Costs

Upon completion of the Learner’s Degree Completion Plan, the Learner shall undertake the courses and tests, (if any), necessary to fulfill the Degree Completion Plan’s requirements.

The Learner shall bear the cost of tuition, development fees, review fees, and enrollment fees for these activities.  Financial incentives are provided when a Learner opts to pay the tuition in full for his or her entire degree at the time of enrollment.

ACU shall publish its current tuition and fees at its Website.

Costs of course books, materials, and learning resources associated with ACU courses shall be borne by the Learner.  Books can be purchased at Amazon.com and used books are relatively inexpensive.

Section V: Refund Policy

Tuition refunds are granted on the following basis (Fees are nonrefundable):

Withdrawal within:                                          Percent Refunded

3 working days of enrollment                         100%

First week of course                                          75%

Half of course                                                     25%

Later                                                                     None

There are no refunds on tuition’s if paid in full for a complete degree program. The amount paid will remain as a credit and it may be transferred to another student or another program but will not be refunded.

Section VI: Termination of Agreement

This agreement is subject to annual review and shall continue until canceled by either party in writing with sixty (60) days notice.  ACU reserves the right to alter terms of this agreement with sixty (60) days notice.

Section VII:  Acceptance of Agreement

Each time you register for a course, you will be brought to the online registration page.  Fill out the online registration form and consecutively insert the course name and number according to your Degree Completion Plan.  To agree to the terms in this Student Enrollment Agreement, you will proceed to click on the “Submit” button on the bottom of said page.  By submitting the course registration information, you are affirming your acceptance of this Student Enrollment Agreement.

Revised 04/2014