Meet the ACU Administration & Faculty


Mentors and Teachers:

To become a faculty member at AMES Christian University, a person has to possess three crucial characteristics:

  • An abiding Christian faith

  • Appropriate academic credentials

  • Appropriate preparation in their academic discipline

Academic Qualifications and Passion:

You will find your AMES Christian instructors superbly qualified. Our authorization to grant degrees requires that. So does our integrity.

Every member of the AMES Christian Faculty possesses the expertise she or he needs to make your learning experience powerful and real.

In addition, you’ll find that your AMES Christian instructors genuinely care about your learning. We work hard to affiliate with people of passion. The gospel of Christ has the power to change the world, one heart at a time.

Your AMES Christian University instructors take their work as a labor of love. We think you’ll love learning from them.

The Virtual Faculty:

Currently, all AMES Christian University courses are available by Web-based distance learning technologies. For these courses, just as Ames Christian learners can be located anywhere in the world, so can AMES Christian Faculty members.

Members of the AMES Christian University AdministrationΒ 

Rizzo, Dr. Vince: President and CEO

Rizzo, Laura: VP of Enrollment Services-Director of Admissions

Additional Members, TBA

Members of the AMES Christian University Advisory Board:

Rizzo, Dr. Vince: President, AMES Christian University; Ft. Myers, Florida

Davis, Dr. Selvan: Pastor and Evangelist; Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Velugu , Dr. Vijay Kumar D. : Evangelist; Hyderabad, A.P., India.

Rizzo, Rev. Laura, B.B.S. : Ministry Leader; Ft. Myers, Florida

Pfister, Rev. Nancy, Ministry Leader, Bear, Delaware

Members of the Ames Christian University Faculty:

Bertram, Robin: B.S., Psychology, Radford University-International Television Host; Author; Speaker; Ordained Minister.

Rizzo, Vince:Β  D.Min Covenant Theological Seminary, M.A, Therapon University; B.B.S., AMES Christian University

Rizzo, Rev. Laura, B.B.S. : Ministry Leader; Ft. Myers, Florida

Additional Faculty, TBA