Frequently Asked Questions:


Is AMES Christian University accredited?

AMES Christian currently operates and grants degrees under the authority of the Florida State Board of Independent Education. All legitimate degrees are granted under the authority of a local regulatory body, in this case the Board of Independent Education.  For More Information

How are AMES Christian Universities courses delivered?

The courses are delivered thru our virtual campus. There are videos to watch for most courses with a requirement to take notes and there are reading and writing assignments required for each course.

Will my AMES Christian credits transfer to another school?

All credit transfers are at the discretion of the receiving school. Please check with the school to which you wish to transfer before enrolling in an AMES Christian course. We work with many learners and many schools to facilitate transfer agreements, and we will be glad to accommodate you any way we can.

I’m not a Christian. Will I be uncomfortable?

We hope not. While we are a faith-based institution, and are unapologetically Christian in our world view, we would never exclude any person or belief system from our programs. We do, however, require and expect all learners, faculty and staff members to treat one another with respect, and to honestly seek and present the truth.

Is AMES Christian affiliated with any denomination?

No. We serve purposefully as a non-denominational institution.

How long will it take to complete my degree?

If a learner begins a program with no transfer credits, program completion should take approximately 2 years for a Bachelor’s Degree, 2 years for a Master’s Degree and 3 years for a Doctorate Degree.In addition, many learners will find that their transfer credits, test results, and Personal Learning Portfolio credits will shorten the duration of their studies.

Can I accelerate my degree program?

Our independent study courses have no minimum time limits. Thus, by taking independent, self-paced courses, AMES Christian University learners may accelerate their programs.

Will my AMES Christian Bachelors degree help me get into graduate school?

Much like transfer credit, admission to graduate school is at the discretion of the school to which you apply. Of course, we automatically grant an AMES Christian Bachelor’s degree graduate admission to the corresponding Master’s program. Other schools will have their own policies, and you should check with them to determine their standards.