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Ministry Leadership Major

(Concentration: Music Ministry)

This is NOT a music degree. It is a Ministry Leadership degree which concentrates on ministry through music.  For those considering this concentration, these courses will enhance your knowledge of how to use your musical gifts for effective music ministry.  Therefore, it is assumed that those pursuing the music ministry concentration have a sufficient background in music as a basis for this concentration.

Courses in the Music Ministry Concentration:

APTH 4675: Experiencing God: Knowing and Doing the Will of God   

This course is a wonderful investigation of God’s call to live in spirit and in truth.  You will learn the importance of the illumination of scripture and the application of revelation knowledge as a means to living the victorious Spirit-filled life.  Key topics include an examination of the limitations of reasoned (human) knowledge, the role of theology and doctrine, and the place of revelation knowledge in renewing the mind.

APTH 4685: Creativity and the Spirit

  As a creative individual, the key to the release of creativity is close communion and connection with God.  We were made by God as creative beings; therefore, through the power of the Holy Spirit, we are his instruments and vessels as an expression of His creativity to the world.

BIBL 4281: Poetry for the Heart:  A Study of the Book of Psalms

This course is designed to broaden your understanding of the book of Psalms.  It will provide you with an in depth historical overview of the psalms.  The course emphasizes the occasions in which the psalms are written, as well as how they can be applied today.

HUM 4700: The Role of the Christian Artist 

In the ‘Christian world’ of our modern culture, the artist is often put aside as irrelevant; however, God has created the artist to be a vessel of His own creativity, revelation and beauty.  This course will bring you closer to God with an understanding of His purpose for the artist as a communicator of His message in the creative arts (music, literature, film, drama, dance, and the visual arts).

MUS 4280: The Music of Faith

This course presents the concepts and characteristics that form great music evaluated from a Christian perspective. Key concepts include the theory and underlying structure of music.  Developments in music are also traced from a spiritual and cultural perspective.

MUS 4320: History of Christian and Gospel Music                       

This course presents the historical development of Christian and Gospel music from its early foundations in America and throughout the 20th century.  Developments are also traced from a spiritual and cultural perspective.

MUS 4400: Worship Songwriting and Composition 

This course will teach you the basics of songwriting and the precepts of creating songs unto the Lord to be used in corporate worship settings.

WOR 4100: The Heart of True Worship

The heart of true worship explains what worship and praise really are in your life as a believer. Among the many ways of worshipping God in “spirit and truth,” this course will discuss the ministry of the priesthood and how it now relates to you as a born again child of God in entering into a deeper and richer intimacy with Him.  

 WOR 4200: Developing an Atmosphere of Worship

This course introduces you to what is known as “Third Day” worship, and you will gain an understanding of the “New Song” we sing unto the Lord as well as the concept of entering into Throne Room Worship.     

WOR 4300: The Dynamics of Worship Leading

This course is designed to raise you up as a spirit­-filled Worship Leader whether in small group or in corporate worship settings. You will learn the responsibilities of how to prepare and how to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit.

WOR 4500: Music Ministry Practicum

This course is directed toward applied ministry opportunities. The course gives the music minister an opportunity to apply ministry leadership skills in a local church or other ministries of music. Two hours will be spent per week at on site locations to engage in the music ministry process.

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