The Soul of the Matter : Why We Are Here

As a educational institution, we receive questions all the time.

The common questions we receive:

“Are you accredited?”
“Are you pursuing accreditation?”
“Are you denominational?”
“Who are your faculty?”

We seek to provide answers by providing a FAQ page, faith statement, and this page
However, there is one question we get asked less often, but feel is just as important:

“In a world filled with Christian colleges and universities, why are you doing what you are doing?”

In other words, does the world really need another Christian university?
The direct answer to that question: Only God knows. Our destiny is in His hands.

We believe He has called us to operate AMES Christian University at this time to fulfill specific purposes. Those purposes define our work. We believe God has called us to the following:

1). To promote God’s Word (the Bible) as the center of all learning 

As we view the landscape of higher education today, several disturbing trends appear. On secular campuses, humanism, political correctness and a corrosive intellectual climate devalue the educational process. Academic quality, long considered the finest in the world, has suffered greatly at the hands of social engineers.

Among Christian colleges, the trends are also unpromising. The lure of federal money and the cultural pressure to compromise have moved many once-strong Christian institutions far from God’s purpose for their existence and their statements of faith. Well-meaning administrators and isolated faculty members fight a lonely struggle against an encroaching ethic of conformity to societal and cultural expectations.

It is neither our place, nor our duty, to castigate our peers. It is our place and our calling, however, to fiercely adhere to our vision of the curriculum: We offer instruction which features God’s Word (the Bible) at the center of every subject.

God’s truth is not negotiable. His handiwork is visible in every discipline, in every area of study and, we believe, in every course we offer. We believe that the simple standard of Christ-like integrity is the best guardian of our academic quality.

2). To leverage the power of the Internet for global education.

 The Internet, as we often hear, is an incredible mechanism for evil. It is an almost friction-free system for distributing pornography, degradation, and vices of every kind. It seems that nothing is too bizarre or too sick to end up on the Internet.

However, the Internet is also an incredible mechanism for good. It connects people all over the world, keeping them in close touch and able to offer one another support. It provides information, ideas, and communication on an unprecedented scale.

One of the most powerful opportunities of the Internet Age is the ability to deliver education anywhere, anytime to anyone with an Internet connection, at a reasonable cost. We believe this is our call.

Since our inception, we have received a steady stream of inquiries and applications from learners in the developing world, especially Africa. As the Gospel spreads across the planet, due to the work of generations of missionaries, a great sense of hope has been lit among learners in the developing world.

We believe the spiritual revolution in the developing world will continue. We also believe material prosperity will follow that spiritual renewal and revival. And we believe education that is grounded in God’s Word (the Bible) is the key to unlocking the promise of a better life for future generations all over the world.

These potential students have Internet access, a hunger to learn, and, usually, appropriate credentials. What they do not have is money, or much of it at least. We believe that we are called to provide the highest-quality education on a drastically cost-reduced basis, or on scholarship, to these learners.

3). To offer the highest-quality education to our learners at a reasonable cost.

One of the primary reasons that people do not attend college is that they cannot afford it. We believe that all people should have the opportunity to receive a higher education. Therefore, it is our purpose and calling to ‘minister’ to the educational needs of our learners. No one should be denied a quality education because of the lack of sufficient finances.

Jesus taught us to make ‘disciples of the nations’ and to ‘equip’ His Body for service in the Kingdom of God. As a Christian institution, we believe it is our special call to prepare our learners to engage the ‘modern’ culture with spiritual authority, intellectual vigor and practical relevance with God’s grace, love and power. By creating a curriculum that is culturally ‘relevant’ without compromise and offering it to our learners at a reasonable cost, it is possible for our learners to receive the quality education that will equip them for service in their desired vocations:

COMPARE FOR YOURSELF:  Many private colleges can charge anywhere from $200.00 to $300.00 Per Credit Hour (or more) or $600.00 to $1,000.00 and more per course. This can easily cost $15,000 to $20,000 or more per year.

ACU is economically priced where each course is 3 credit hours at only $66.00 per credit hour for our undergraduate (Bachelor’s) degree programs.

There are several ways to earn your undergraduate (Bachelor’s) degree from Ames Christian University:

1). *In partnership with AMES International School of Ministry

Our affiliate, Ames International School of Ministry (AISOM) program is only $20 per course which pays in full for each course and each course averages 3 credit hours.  $20 for 22 courses at approximately 3 credit hours per course equals 87 credit hours for just $440.00.  At $20 per course, you are saving an incredible amount of money compared to other colleges. The 87 credit hours earned through AISOM can be transferred to ACU where you will take an additional 33 credits hours (11 courses) in your desired concentration/vocational area.  Therefore, earning your ACU Bachelor of Biblical Studies (BBS) degree will cost:  $440.00 + $2,178.00 ($66.00 X 33 credit hours)=$2,618.00(additional book/material costs may apply and will vary for each course; however, these costs will be very reasonable). The entire cost of the program will be approximately $3,050.00. There is no credit transfer fee for AISOM learners. You can graduate from AISOM without pursuing a degree for only $440.00.
*This option is ONLY available for the Bachelor of Biblical Studies degree objective.


2). Transfer credits from other accredited colleges and/or universities

Learners can transfer up to 87 credits to meet ACU requirements from other accredited community colleges and/or universities.  Learners will then be required to take an additional 33 credit hours (11 courses) through ACU in their desired concentration/vocational area.  Therefore, earning your ACU Bachelor of Biblical Studies (BBS) degree will cost: $2,178.00 ($66.00 X 33 credit hours). additional book/material costs may apply and will vary for each course; however, these costs will be very reasonable. The entire cost of the program will be approximately $2,600.00.

3). Experiential Learning/Life Experience Portfolio

This option requires extensive documentation of life experience and learning that equals college-level coursework. The portfolio review fee for this option is $450.00.  The total number of credits earned and needed for an ACU Bachelor’s degree under this option will be determined by the appropriate faculty based on an in-depth portfolio evaluation of the individual learner. Please feel free to contact ACU about this option for more details.

This is literally an opportunity to change the world. If you are able, we ask you to consider partnering with us to provide scholarships to these learners.