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Ministry Leadership Major

(Concentration: Christian Counseling)

Jesus said, “The Son of Man came not to be served, but to serve.” And He instructed us to do likewise in the vocations we choose. The courses in the Ministry Leadership concentration combine the philosophy of a servant’s orientation with practical instruction in the principles of ministry.

Courses in the Ministry Leadership major prepare learners to serve the Body of Christ in ministry and ministry-related vocations, primarily within institutions that serve the Body of Christ, ranging from counseling, pastoral leadership and administration to evangelism.

Courses in the Christian Counseling Concentration:

CHC 3100: Introduction to Christian Counseling

This course is designed with the idea that problem areas motivate people to seek counseling. Christian Counseling is a process by which a person is assisted to behave in a more rewarding manner addressing life’s problems or challenges from a Biblical perspective called Christian Counseling.

CHC 3101: Christian Ethics in Counseling

Counseling as a profession indicates that there are ethical guidelines, in which this course will examine the role of the counselor as it relates to a Christian code of ethic.

CHC 3102: Counseling Methods

This course is designed to assist with the development of basic counseling skills and to introduce techniques for solution-focused counseling. Egan introduces a three stage approach for problem management. The student will have an overview of the basic skills and knowledge needed for the counseling profession

CHC 3103: Crisis Counseling  

This course is designed to acquaint the student with the dynamics of crisis situations. Laypersons and ministers alike can be called on for a crisis, and this course will explore intervention principles and procedures in the situational crises.

CHC 3104: Substance Abuse counseling

This course explores the dynamics of substance abuse counseling this course provides understanding of the addictive personality. The course provides information for assessment and treatment of the chemically dependent person. The effects of substance abuse on families are examined.

CHC 4106: Group Counseling

Presents  concepts of group dynamics in the counseling process group strategies are explored. This course will examine the task of the facilitators in the group setting..

CHC 4107: The Holy Spirit and Counseling

This class wills exam the role of the Holy Spirit in Counseling.  The student will formulate and develop a greater personal; theology of the role of the Holy Spirit in from a theology of the charismatic ministry in the counseling process.

CHC 4108: Abnormal Human Behavior

This course discussed the DSM4 and other abnormal diagnosis and behaviors. Emphasis is placed on understanding problems and developing clinical insight.

CHC 4109: Counseling for Special Populations

This study examines the unique treatment issues faced by minorities, women, elderly, special populations, African-Americans and others are considered.

CHC 4110: Marriage Counseling

This course examines the marriage relationship, as a covenant relationship, and addresses issues that may hinder the covenant This course will provide instruction on counseling couples.

CHC 3105: Christian Counseling Practicum 1

 To give the counselor an opportunity to apply Christian counseling principles in the employment of skills in a local church, or community agency. One –hour will be spent per week at on site locations to engage in the counseling process.

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