Doctoral Degree Program:

You can apply in this program if you have masters or doctoral degree in any concentration biblical or secular. You will take 14 courses and earn 60 credits, which will be a Doctor Of Ministry degree.

Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.)

The Doctor of Ministry program is designed to further equip individuals beyond the Master’s level who desire to increase their knowledge in areas of ministry through community and practical application based upon an understanding of our true spiritual heritage of the Organic-Open Church in the New Testament. This program provides excellent training for those who desire to grow in a deeper relationship with the Lord and what it means to be His disciple and an integral part of the Body of Christ. The Doctor of Ministry is open to all those who desire to serve the Body of Christ in various capacities as well as vocations. This program provides in-depth training of applied ministry such as leadership and teaching and is ideal for those with apostolic, prophetic, pastoral, teaching and evangelistic gift’s as well other ministry gifts that support the equipping of the saints in the Body of Christ.

Β Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.)

Biblical Teaching and Leadership


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AMES Christian University Master’s and Doctoral degrees explore their fields at a level of spiritual and intellectual skill appropriate to graduate study. They offer learners the opportunity to interact, to inquire, and to invigorate their souls as well as their intelligence.

Learners are highly motivated and mature and bring a variety of professional skills, life experiences, and educational backgrounds to their programs.


ACU Master’s degrees are open to learners who have completed a Bachelor’s degree in any subject area or discipline. ACU Doctoral degrees are open to learners who have completed a Master’s degree relevant to biblical studies or applied ministry. All ACU Graduate applicants possess an open heart and a spirit of inquiry, which are the most important assets a learner can bring to these programs.

To be considered for a Master’s or Doctoral program, please complete the online admission’s application, forward transcripts of all previous college or university work, and submit a personal essay as described in the on-line application section.

Course Tuition:

Graduate: (Doctoral)
Online: $408 per 4-credit course

Discount 2 courses $700 saving $116

Discount 3 Courses $1000 saving $244

Discount 6 Courses $2100 saving $348

Complete doctoral degree program
Only $4,500 (after $1,212.00 discount)