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ACU welcomes you. We accept applications on an open-enrollment basis with no application deadlines. You choose when you want to apply as we do not operate by semesters, therefore, you can study all year long with us. We accept bible college diploma’s or associates degrees in any concentration to start in one of our bachelor’s degree programs. A masters or doctorate degree in any concentration will allow you to enroll in any degree program we offer. 

* Please note that this is not a free program our free non-accredited program is at aisom.org the free courses, there can be converted to accredited courses for only $20 per course and then transferred here to the bachelor’s degree program.

The Admissions Process:

Degree Programs:

Step 1) Choose your degree program:

Review the following links to choose your desired degree program.

Bachelors Degree Programs (6 Concentrations)

Masters Degree Programs (2 Concentrations)

Doctoral Degree Program (1 Concentration)


Step 2)  Fill out the application for your chosen program:

Please do not apply until you are ready to start your program. Communication is very important once you have received your degree plan, please confirm that you have received it, and that you are ready to register for your first course. You will receive your degree plan in a timely manner usually within 24 hours. if you did not receive it, Check your junk and spam folders and then please contact us.

Once you enroll, you will be taken to the payment center to pay your $20 application fee and we will contact you by e-mail with your instructions on getting started. If you are  paying in full with a discount, we will waive the enrollment fees or refund them.

If you have a biblical diploma or a degree already and are coming from a different school you will need to request that your school send us your official transcript for your student file, and you can fax a copy to us at  (239) 645-4936 or e-mail a scanned copy to rizzo@ameschristian.org  so we can get you started right away.

Attention: Laura Rizzo,  Dean of Admissions

6900 Daniels Parkway Box 29-225

Fort Myers, FL 33912

 ACU Records Center:

The ACU Records Center helps you  obtain your ACU records and request information on course transfer agreements.

At ACU, we do our best in creating programs that  fit the needs of our students utilizing the highest  curriculum standards.