Program Costs & Administrative Fees:

AMES Christian University Tuition and Fees
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AMES Christian University is a non-profit institution, committed to providing the highest standard of educational quality at the lowest possible cost. We consider education a ministry, and believe that AMES Christian belongs only to God.

Course Tuition: ( Discounts for multiple courses available)

Undergraduate: (Bachelor’s)
Online: $198 per 3 -credit course

Graduate: (Master’s)
Online: $297 per 3-credit course

Graduate: (Doctoral)
Online: $408 per 4-credit course

Administrative Fees:

Admission Application and Review Fee:
$25 Undergraduate
$25 Graduate

Personal Learning Portfolio Review Fee:
$450 Undergraduate Only

Degree Plan Filing Fee:
$30 Undergraduate
$30 Graduate

Graduation Fee:
$25 Undergraduate
$25 Graduate

Transcript Request Fee:
$5 Undergraduate
$5 Graduate