The courses listed below may be taken in place of courses on your degree plan thus giving you more options. You may choose up to 3 electives.

Courses are all 3 credits each at $66.00 per credit or $198.00 per course.

* you do not need to be in a degree program at ACU to register for these individual courses.   

The only concentration that you can not choose electives would be the Christian Counseling Program also these courses may not have video’s and therefore there may be an extra book to purchase.


Choose From These Titles

APTH 3650: Kingdom Dynamics: Living According to the Kingdom  

This course will help define what the Gospel of the Kingdom is, and how we can live in the principles and attitudes of the Kingdom more fully. You will examine the Sermon on the Mount, which has been called the Manifesto of the King. We will take a verse-by-verse examination of this to see how we should be developing in character as its citizens, and what the relationship of the Kingdom of Heaven is to the world.

APTH 3675: Becoming An Agent of Change: Contemporary Ethics

In this course we will examine the basis of Christian ethics. We will study God’s Word to discover the precepts and principles we are given about such subjects as sex, family, honesty, suicide, abortion, the education of children, economics, humanism, and more. We will discover the character of God which provides the foundation of the commands and learn to apply the Test of Truth and the Evidence of Truth in any circumstance.

APTH 3725: The Organic Body of Christ: A Return to New Testament Foundations 

 This course will introduce you to God’s true design for the Body of Christ as laid out in the New Testament. You will also investigate ‘modern’ church and leadership practices and gain a deep understanding of the Church as a living organism not an institutional organization.

BUS 3375: God’s Idea of Business: Ministry in the Marketplace   

This dynamic course will introduce and expose you to the study of ministry as a calling and a life of service in the marketplace. The Holy Spirit has a definite place in the world of business and this course will expose the myths associated with the definition of “full-time Christian service.”

COUN 3050: Developing the Supernatural Lifestyle: Your Authority and Inheritance as a Believer

This course will expand your desire to seek the Lord and know what it means to live in the Spirit. You will also see how the supernatural lifestyle results from your authority and inheritance as a member of the Body of Christ.

COUN 3150: Breaking the Bonds of Evil: Advanced Study in The Ministry of Deliverance  

  This course will teach you an advanced perspective of the Scriptural basis for the breaking of bondages within the heart caused by spiritual forces. The course includes breaking generational sins and curses; severing ungodly soul ties; removing negative mindsets and inner vows; healing traumatic memories; and casting out demonic influences that have connected themselves to the inner wounds of the heart and soul resulting in a solid healing process where God grants illumined insights from His Word.

COUN 3250: Healing the Land: Advanced Spiritual Warfare   

This course will take your understanding of spiritual warfare to a whole new dimension. It will introduce you to the spiritual realm through an examination of the strategies of principalities, powers, and rulers of the darkness and how to effectively operate in the power of the Holy Spirit to experience breakthrough on a regional, national and global level.

HIST 3750: The Dynamics of Hebraic Roots and Messianic Judaism

In this informative course, you will investigate the dynamics of Hebraic roots and Messianic Judaism. You will also examine their influences on the contemporary Church and gain an understanding of how to properly apply its relevance to the Spirit-filled life.

INTC 3700: The Supernatural Power of Intercessory Prayer      

 Whether you have been an intercessor for years or are just beginning to explore this exciting topic, you will be instructed and inspired by this course. You will be exposed to many different methodologies for organizing and engaging in intercessory prayer.

MINN 3200: Finding Your Purpose: Understanding the Five Fold Ministry    

 This course is an in-depth examination of the ministry gifts of apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers. Jesus gave gifts to men. Discover how these gifts function together in the church “to prepare God’s people for works of service”. This study will help you further understand God’s call on your life.

MINN 3450: Teaching with Power: Spirit-Anointed Teaching 

 This course will inspire you to enjoy the benefits of experiencing God and sensing the transmission of the life flow of the precious Holy Spirit in a group setting. You will be taught how to make every group meeting a time of encounter with the Lord where each individual receives an impartation of the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

MINN 3475: Kingdom Revolution: The Call of the Church in Culture and Society 

This course will teach you to see the purpose of the Body of Christ as a living organism of social and cultural transformation based on God’s original design. You will learn that we are called to live out the centrality of our faith in every aspect of the human experience resulting in the abundant life.

MINN 3600: The Organic Body of Christ: A Return to New Testament Foundations   

This course will prepare you for a more advanced perspective of God’s true design for the Body of Christ as laid out in the New Testament. You will also investigate ‘modern’ church and leadership practices and gain a deeper understanding of the Church as a living organism not an institutional organization.

MINN 3725: Fulfilling Your Financial Destiny: Claiming Your Inheritance  

This course will give you the knowledge and Scriptural support for the belief that God delights in the prosperity of His people. The primary objective of this course is that true prosperity is meant to extend the kingdom by giving to those in need and fulfilling the call that God has placed in the heart of the believer.

MINN 3800: Supernatural Sight: The Work of the Prophetic Ministry 

 This dynamic course will expand your understanding of the nature and purpose of prophetic revelation and its proper function in the Body of Christ. You will be inspired and challenged to operate in the prophetic gifts. Subjects in this course include the power and perils of the prophetic, being a prophetic people, the song of the Lord, seven expressions of the prophetic spirit, and others.

MINN 3875: Healing, Miracles, Signs and Wonders  

This course will draw you to have total reliance upon the Holy Spirit in the areas of healing, miracles, signs and wonders. You will continue to develop the ability to hear the voice of God and how to properly understand revelation knowledge. You will also learn how to access the heavenly realms and know the heart and mind of God in a deep, loving relationship with our Heavenly Father.

MLDS 3250: The Apostolic Revolution: A Return to Apostolic Foundations

In this dynamic course on the apostolic gift and ministry, you will learn the purpose and plan of God for apostles, their function in the Body of Christ, and the role they play in God’s end-time harvest of souls. You will also discover God’s plan for restoration of the apostolic function to set His church in order in these end times.

MLDS 3350: Leading in the Spirit of Humility: Servant Leadership              

 This course will take a look at God’s plan for leadership in His Church. Every major passage of Scripture dealing with the subject will be carefully studied. You will also study various material on the subject to understand the essentials of cultivating a servant’s heart.

MLDS 3360: The Delegation of God’s Authority: Supernatural Leadership 

   This course will inspire you regarding how the Lord revealed His eternal purpose for us when He created us to have dominion in the earth. You will walk in a new boldness as you live in victory over Satan and demon powers in your daily life and ministry.

MLDS 3850: Gifted to Succeed: God’s Design of Leadership                        

 This course is about unleashed Biblical leadership. Since Biblical leadership is determined by our ability to reflect the character and nature of the God we serve, we are compelled to have as clear a picture as possible of our God. When we look beneath the placid surface of common systematic theology, we find a God who is far more volatile, far more compassionate, far more mysterious and for more dangerous than the God who is defined by carefully crafted discussions of divine attributes. This course will confront you with these realities.

PHIL 3255: Developing a Global Worldview: World Religious Perspectives       

This course will give you a practical historical and comparative survey of the principal beliefs and practices of the world’s major religions. You will study the religions of Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Shinto and Taoism as well as other major worldviews.

THEO 3475: The Supernatural Power of the Blood Covenant                      

This course will help you understand the concept of a blood covenant and how it relates to the covenant God has made for us through Jesus Christ. You will learn the basic blood covenant ritual and how God made it known to Adam, Abraham, Moses, and the prophets as a picture of the blood of the everlasting covenant He made for us with the Lord Jesus Christ.